Aviation Links

General Aviation Links

Many free FAA publications are located here

South Carolina Aviation Association

Cirrus Aircraft

Flight Planning Tools

SkyVector is a great tool to use for draft planning, as the site warns do not use this as your final planning tool

E6B Emulator – This a great tool to use for flight planning as the calcs can be done here and transferred to the planning form.

Cloud Ahoy


Winds Aloft SE US

Jeppesen Winds Aloft – This is really good,  as you can input individual ICAOs and get a more exact number for the airport.

Weather – Wunderground great weather related site





FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR)

Training Reference Links

Greenville Tech Testing Information Click Here

Here is a VSpeeds reference I found useful let us know if there are other useful references.

How It Flies

This is a really cool VOR Simulator

FAR Online Version

Weather GMU

Flight Logging Software

FlightLogg.in – Check this out, for free its pretty awesome and it backs your info up by emailing it to you, every day!

Pilot Forums

Pilots of America



iFly GPS Software